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We encourage all of our guests to follow these simple suggestions so that you don't hold yourself back from having a great time at CHILL.

Q. – Will the Ice Kingdom be returning this year: 

A. – No. The Ice Kingdom is not part of the CHILL offering this year. We have decided to introduce an all-new CHILL experience this year as we celebrate the holiday traditions from 6 International destinations all celebrating Christmas in their own unique way through live entertainment, authentic food offerings and rich storytelling with the Gift Bringers. In addition, with the incredible Ice Adventure Park a greater assortment of family-fun and family-friendly attractions will be offered this year. 

Q. – Will Alice in Winterland be returning this year as well: 

A. – No. Alice in Winterland with the lanterns was a one-time offering last year for CHILL. 

Q. – Are all of the attractions and entertainment included in the price of the Grand Expedition ticket: 

A. – Similar to past CHILL years some attractions and all of the live entertainment are included in the price of the Grand Expedition tickets. The reason some attractions require an additional fee is to help better manage Guest capacity. Attractions included: ice Skating Adventure Park, Matterhorn Mountain (Ice Tubing) and World’s Largest Rocking Horse. Attractions that require additional fee: Amsterdam Bumper Boats, Shanghai Speedway (Ice Tricycles), Disco Shuffleboard, Ski Lift (Zip Lining). 

Q. – Will CHILL be open if it rains: 

A. – Yes, but some attractions may have to close temporarily in inclement weather conditions. Additionally, some modification to the entertainment schedule may occur as well. 

Q. – Will the CHILL ticket allow admission to the Queen Mary: 

A. – Yes, but tours, some exhibits and the Rudolph 4D Experience do require an additional fee. 

Q. – Are there special hotel packages available for CHILL : 

A. – No. This year we do not have any special hotel packages specifically for CHILL. Room rates are available online at and vary based on day of the week and occupancy levels. 

Q. – Will Breakfast with Santa return: 

A. – No. However a new dining offering is in the early stages of development featuring breakfast at dinner in the Holland area of CHILL featuring an appearance by one of the Gift Bringers. More information to come. 

Q. – - Is there a weight limitation for the North Pole Express Zip Line?

A. – Yes, must be less than 250 lbs.

Q. – - Is there a height limitation for the North Pole Express Zip Line?

A. – Yes, must be 40" tall

Q. – Is there a height limitation for the Matterhorn Mountain (Ice Slide)?

A. – Yes, must be 40” tall

Q. – Are there limitations for Ice Skating and on the Shanghai Speedway (Ice Cycles)?

A. – Skating and Ice Cycles can be any height as long as the individual(s) can safely operate on the ice.       

Q. – - What skate sizes do we offer?

A. – We have from child’s size 8 to Adult size 13

Q. – Can I ride the Ice Slide if I have a disability? 

A. – Guests with disabilities can access Ice Slide via the regular entrance and proceed through the cueing area and to the Tube Corral. The Guest or someone in their party will need to pick up their tubes at the Tube Corral and carry the Tubes to the top of the Slide. The guest with a disability must be able to climb 3 flights of stairs, all the way to the top of the slide. Guest with a disability must ride in order with all other guests. As with all our guests, they must meet all rider requirements and be able to sit properly in the tube and be able to hold themselves in the tube by holding on to the two handles for the duration of the ride to the bottom of the slide. Upon boarding, the Ice Host may assist the guest by steadying them to the Tube. Riders must be able to board the tube by themselves or with help from a member of their party. Once safely at the bottom of the slide and to a complete stop, they must be able to get up and out of the tube on their own or assisted by one of the members of their party. Then they will need to return tubes to the Ice Hosts at the exit of the slide. The guest can ride one time. If they wish to ride again, they should return to the regular cue area.

Q. – Are there Ins and Outs: 

A. – Yes, we allow Guests to move freely from the ship to CHILL to enjoy tours, attractions and restaurants. Parking does NOT allow re-entry and is $20 per visit.