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Preserving a Historic Icon

Take a look back at some of our many recently completed projects.

Promenade Deck Forward Carpet Replacement - 2014

The carpeting on Promenade Deck Forward was recently replaced. The carpeting was inspired by the original Wilton carpeting that was used in the Cabin Class Library just forward of the Cabin Class Lounge portside at Frame 70. It is classic Queen Mary at its best reflecting the Odeon influence of the Queen Mary’s style of Art Deco. If you pay close attention to the pattern you will notice that it carries a beautiful ‘M’ motif, symbolic of Mary. This pattern was especially woven for the Queen Mary.

Britannia Salon Art Exhibit - 2014

Recently curated new photography of art exhibit and interpretation program showcasing the wonderful art work in the Britannia Salon, originally the Second Glass Main Lounge. The display is located in the original Austin Reed retail store just outside the Britannia Salon. The art work is by Margot Gilbert entitled "Dancing through the Ages." Also shown is the beautiful etched mirror in green glass by London Sand-Blast Decorative Glass Works, LTD., to the designs of the same artist Margot Gilbert. The mirrored glass and Gilbert’s sketch’s are depicted in artful photographs.

Grand Salon Map - 2014

We are pleased to announce the ships are moving once again on the decorative map in the Grand Salon. The map is the art work of Mr. Macdonald Gill and represents the North Atlantic Ocean with composite groups of typical buildings of England and America and the sides. Originally, the ships representing the RMS Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, were illuminated and that scope or work is currently under evaluation as the next phase of the project. The ships now move across the map between Nantucket Lightship and Bishop Rock.

Midship Market Place - 2013

Located within the Long Gallery, the Midship’s Bar was added in the early 1960’s. Known then as the Midship’s Bar and Lounge, the cocktail bar was located port side in the center portion of the Long Gallery. As part of the new cocktail bar design, the painting "The Mills Circus" by Dame Laura Knight was relocated from a private dining room on R Deck to the Midships’ Bar rear wall. The original Midship’s Bar’s green curved counter featured a decorative motif of Greek keys. This forward portion of the Long Galley has operated as a food and beverage outlet since the early 1970’s.

This new space - Midship Marketplace - has been themed to honor the Midship’s Bar by incorporating colors and related design themes and use of the Greek key pattern both in the floor tile and in the new counter. Working with recommendations from an art conservator, the painting "the Mills Circus" has been proudly installed behind the counter in celebrating the design theme of the original Midship's Bar. Additionally, the original decorative etched glass divider has been reinstalled and the original wall clock restored. The original painting "Sussex Landscape" by Bertram Nicholls remains a prominent feature at the forward end of the Midship Marketplace. Also, the original ceiling light fixtures remain. Future rehabilitation plans for this area include the reproduction and installation of the wall sconces.

Gym - 2013

The new Queen Mary Hotel Gym design was inspired from the original First Class Gym located on Sun Deck. The original gym flooring was Korkroid similar to linoleum, designed in large marbleized squares of black and white in a checker-board pattern. The walls were made of multiple veneers, which were in different shades allowing a wonderful dark to light horizontal shading appearance to the walls.

To accomplish the original design theme, the new gym will have black and white linoleum squares with the same marble pattern as the original. The walls are painted three horizontal graduated color shades to honor the same design theme of the original wood veneers. Historic photographs of the original gyms aboard will hang in our new gym as well.

Additionally, two new exhibit rooms will be visible from the stairway landing at the entry to the gym. These rooms will contain original gym equipment along with a vintage photographs and interpretive boards allowing. These exhibit spaces will allow guests to view the archives and lean more about guests exercised and stayed healthy while aboard during crossings!

Observation Bar – 2013

Recently completed phase II Observation Bar Restoration program includes the restoration and installation of the original ceiling fixtures (etched light glass), the reproduction and installation of the original Back Bar Door, the repair of the original red and green lantern back bar light fixtures, the painting of the interior columns, the repair and cleaning of the clocks and the reproduction of the seven original bar stools. The unique round "eye-ball" ceiling light fixtures are under restoration for installation as well. Flooring options are also under evaluation. Soon, the original employee back-bar door will be reinstalled, lighting contained in the recessed cornice will be installed, and refinishing of the four pylons will be completed.

Life Boat – 2013

Life boat restoration and preservation now under scope of marine survey.

Teak Deck – July 2012

Ongoing Teak Deck assessment, stabilization, preservation survey and programming planning.

First Class Children’s Playroom – 2012

Located on a Promenade Deck, the First Class Children’s Playroom was a convenience coffee and beverage shop. In 2011, the area was vacated and archive toys and related items were reprogrammed into this original space. In addition to archived items, the painting ‘Sinbad the Sailor" from the 3rd class Children’s Playroom was reposition into this space. This exhibit continues to be curated as items are restored and recovered.

Verandah Grill Railings - 2012

The wood railings have been reconstructed and refinished. The walls beneath the railings were also being repaired including wood work related to the interior wall sections.

Original Clocks - 2012

All original clocks aboard the Queen Mary are undergoing repair and cleaning.

First Class Music Room - 2012

Located on the Promenade Deck. This exhibit of items from the First Class Music Room and furniture familiar to the Main Hall is ongoing in archive research and restoration. An interpretive program has been created.

The Queen Mary Story Exhibit

A new enhanced QM story exhibit is currently in development and programing is under review.

Main Hall Flooring and Exhibits – 2012

The flooring of the Main Hall was stripped of wax and retreated. Along with the flooring, the Port and Starboard exhibit display cases were reprogrammed with items from our archives along with interpretive programming.

First Class Travel Bureau – 2011-2012

Located on Main Deck, this well curated exhibit was completed in 2011. Many original and similar furnishings and accessories were reprogrammed from the archives to fully realize this interpretive program. This space was not open to the public as part of the tour route but now remains open during tour hours.

Brass Plaque - 2011

In 2011, the Queen Mary was added to the list of the National Trust for Historic Preservation Historic Hotels site.