Famous People Aboard the Queen Mary

Hollywood Celebrities

During her heyday, the Queen Mary’s passenger list read like a who’s-who of the silver screen. Below are just a few notables who loved traveling on the Queen Mary.

Bob Hope (Actor/Comedian, 1903-2003)
– “Thanks for the Memory”

Was onboard during the Queen Mary’s final passenger voyage before the start of WWII in 1939.

Fred Astaire (Actor/Dancer, 1899 – 1987)
– “The history of dance on film begins with Astaire.” – Gene Kelly

On June 2, 1939, dancers Fred Astaire and Paul Draper returned to New York from England aboard the Queen Mary.

Bing Crosby (Singer/Actor, 1903 – 1977)
– “The Golden Voice”

Crosby was a passenger of the Queen Mary several times, including during WWII when he traveled overseas with the U.S.O. He was recognized as the entertainer who had done the most for G.I. morale during WWII.

Elizabeth Taylor (Actress, 1932 – 2011)
– “The Queen of Hollywood”

Elizabeth Taylor often traveled aboard the Queen Mary with her two poodles. Such was the case during a trip home from Europe on September 5, 1947. The original kennel accommodations were located on the Sports Deck.

Clark Gable (Actor, 1901 – 1960)
– “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” – Gone with the Wind

On July 9, 1948, Clark Gable delayed departure of the Queen Mary by 18 minutes as he said goodbye to his love interest at the time.

Greta Garbo (Actress, 1905 – 1990)
– “The Queen of MGM”

On September 21, 1953, Garbo returned from Europe aboard the Queen Mary.

Audrey Hepburn (Actress, 1929-1993)
- My Fair Lady, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Hepburn and her husband Mel Ferrer traveled aboard the Queen Mary on their way to Europe for their second honeymoon on June 17, 1957.

Lynne Redgrave (Actress, 1943 – 2010)
– British Acting Royalty

Sister of actress Vanessa Redgrave, Lynne sailed aboard the Queen’s Mary final voyage in 1967.


Dignitaries & British Royalty

Besides glamorous celebrities, the Queen Mary was also the main transportation for British Royalty and American politicians. Here are just some of the major politic players that traveled on the Queen Mary.

Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) British Prime Minister during WWII

Winston Churchill traveled on the Queen Mary three times during WWII and considered it his headquarters at sea. In fact, he even signed the D-Day Declaration onboard. Winston Churchill said, “Built for the arts of peace and to link the old world with the new, the queens challenged the fury of Hitlerism in the battle of the Atlantic. Without their aid, the day of final victory must unquestionably have been postponed.”

Our award-winning restaurant, Sir Winston’s, is named after the Prime Minister, as is the “Churchill Suite.”

The Duke & Duchess of Windsor (Edward VII & Wallis Simpson)

Edward VII was the son of Queen Mary, the ship’s namesake.

The couple traveled the ship often, calling it “their ship.” They always booked the same suite, M58 on the Main Deck, which is now called the “Windsor Suite.”

During one voyage in 1948, the couple brought with them 120 pieces of luggage and their dogs.

General Dwight Eisenhower (1890 – 1969) – 34th President of the United States of America

Prior to becoming President of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower sailed aboard the ocean liner. He and his wife made the transatlantic voyage on September 27, 1946 to Southampton, England. This was the ship’s fastest transatlantic crossing at the time.

Queen Elizabeth (1900 – 2002) – Reigned between 1936 – 1952

The Queen Mother returned from a visit to the U.S. aboard the Queen Mary on November 18 – 23, 1954.

Jackie Kennedy (1929 - 1994) – First Lady of the U.S.
Robert Kennedy (1925 – 1968), Senator

Although they never actually traveled on the Queen Mary, Jacqueline Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were aboard the ship on March 17, 1965 to wish bon voyage to former British Ambassador Lord Harlech, who was close friends with President Kennedy.