Britain's Masterpiece

Measurements Queen Mary Titanic
Overall Length1,019 1/2 ft882 ft 9 in
Beam118 1/2 ft92 1/2 ft
Gross Tonage81,23746,328
Hull Platingriveted steelriveted steel
Rivets10 million3 million
Keel to top of funnel181 ft175 ft
Cruising speed28 1/2 knots21 knots
Maximum speed32 knots22 1/2 knots
EnginesParsons single reduction geared steam turbinesTriple expansion steam reciprocating/turbine
Fuel Consumption1,000 tons per day825 tons per day
Type of fuelBunker C fuel oilcoal
Draft39 1/2 ft34 1/2 ft
Stabilizers2 sets of Denny BrownNone
Length of anchor chain1980 ft total1980 ft total
Smokestacks34 (one dummy)
Rudder140 ton101 1/4 tons
Commissioned byCunard LineWhite Star Line
Constructed byJohn Brown & Co. Clydebank, ScotlandHaland & Wolff Belfast, Ireland
Keel laidDecember 1, 1930March 31, 1909
LaunchedSeptember 26, 1934May 31, 1911
Maiden VoyageMay 27, 1936April 10, 1912
Number of Decks129
Passenger capacity2038 (as built)2440
Lifeboats24 motorized16 Clinker-built, 4 Engelhart collapsible
Officers and crew1,174860

Did you know?

On Thursday, February 23, 2006 the two Queens met in a historic event. A Royal Rendezvous. At noon QM2 arrived at Long Beach through the Queen’s Gate and at 12:30 p.m. each ship sounded a whistle to greet and salute the other. This is the one and only meeting of the two Queen Mary’s.