• Bottled water (sealed)
  • Small snacks that do not require heating
  • Any food required for medical purposes and medically–indicated nutritional supplements
  • Any food required for special dietary needs
  • Baby food/baby formula
  • Soft-sided insulated bags no larger than 8.5" wide x 6" high x 6" deep
  • Coolers/bags with wheels, not to exceed 8.5" wide x 6" high x 6" deep (Allowed only for school groups)
  • Food that requires heating or refrigeration
  • Alcohol and glass containers
  • Hard-sided coolers
  • Soft-sided coolers larger than 8.5" wide x 6" high x 6" deep *Please be advised that all bags and personal items are subject to inspection.

Items not permitted aboard THE QUEEN MARY include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Personal transportation devices including (but not limited to): Bicycles, Scooters, Rollerblades, Skateboards, Segway™ transporters, Motorcycles, etc. Exceptions can be made for guests with disabilities.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Any illegal substances
  • Folding chairs, with the exception of cane-chair and seat-walker mobility aids
  • Professional cameras and recording equipment
  • Water pistols, toy guns and replica weapons
  • Sporting goods or equipment (e.g., baseball bats, helmets, hockey sticks, golf clubs, bows and arrows, camping equipment, chairs, stools, tables and Frisbees)
  • Weapons of any kind (including—without limitation—guns, knives, billy clubs, brass knuckles, nunchucks, stars and other martial arts equipment)
  • Self-defense equipment (e.g., pepper spray, mace, stun guns)
  • Restraining devices (e.g., handcuffs, zip ties) or any suspicious items (e.g., box cutters, razor blades, duct tape, wire)
  • Corrosive or dangerous chemicals
  • Items that may be disruptive (e.g. laser pointers, slingshots, stink bombs, explosives of any kind, air horns)
  • Items with spikes (e.g. purses, bracelets, etc.)

Please be advised that all bags and personal items are subject to inspection. 

THE QUEEN MARY is a smoke-free facility. Designated smoking areas are located along the exterior of the ship. 

No illegal vending is permitted aboard the ship. Unauthorized or unlicensed vendors are prohibited. 

This information is subject to change without notice.