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Get an up close and personal look at the Queen Mary with one of our exciting and informative guided tours. From the ship's groundbreaking construction and royal launch as the most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner at the time, to her duty as a troopship during WWII, to her golden days of the 1950s, to her earning the nickname, the "haunted ship," the Queen Mary's history is full of action, adventure, romance and paranormal activity. Explore the ship bow to stern, inside and out, and hear unique stories, facts and insights about the Queen Mary with our tour expert guides.

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11am - 6pm 
Tours include the Glory Days Historical Tour, Steam and Steel Tour, & Haunted Encounters Tour 

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The Grey Ghost Project

The Grey Ghost Project takes a skeptical and evidence based approach to investigating the paranormal. Using the latest tools of the trade, the project uses a combination of scientific methods to gather data and documentation for evidence of the supernatural.

Tickets go on sale starting October 13th

The Steam and Steel Tour

The Steam and Steel Tour will take guests approximately 25 ' below the water line where they will have a chance to walk through Boiler Rooms 1- 4, as well as the Water Softening Plant and the Turbo-Generator Room 1.

The Glory Days

Delve into the ship's expansive past, including her groundbreaking construction, her time as a troopship during WWII and of course, her glory days as the world's most luxurious and technologically advanced ocean liner.

Haunted Encounters

Ever wanted to know some of the stories and legends regarding the famous hauntings of the Queen Mary? Then the Haunted Encounters Tour is the best place to start. This approximate one hour tour will share many of the more well-known or infamous stories of the paranormal residents that now occupy the legendary ship in a non-scary introduction to the ghostly tales of the Queen Mary.

Paranormal Ship Walk

Experience a more haunting side of the Queen Mary after hours. Explore various rooms or compartments seldom seen by the general public while famous stories and legends are shared about some of the past passengers aboard the legendary ocean liner.

While the tour is not meant to scare you, some locations may be too dark for younger guests.

Ship Model Gallery

Combining precision and craftsmanship in an exacting work of art, ship models evoke the fascination that we have for the sea and sea travel.

Queen Mary Heritage Foundation Membership

The Queen Mary Heritage Foundation (QMHF) is an officially recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to the historic preservation, advocacy, and education of this historic landmark.

Annual memberships include a host of benefits for year-round enjoyment while contributing to the ship's restoration.

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Tourist Class Membership

Annual Cost | $150

Membership Benefits:

- Unlimited admission for cardholder
- Two (2) Day Passes (General admission tickets) per year
- Hotel guest pricing for Tour/Exhibit/Attractions tickets
- 24-hour presale on Queen Mary Signature Events
- Discounted ticket pricing during presale for Signature Events

Membership Holders:

- All member benefits for one cardholder
- All member card holders are to be designated upon membership purchase.
- If cardholders are to lose their card, they will have to pay a fee to replace the lost card, with the account being associated with phone or email.
- Blackout dates apply

Opportunities to donate as a non-member are also available.

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For Existing Members

Starting July 31, 2023 funds and existing memberships will transition to the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation (QMHF). New cards will be sent out to current members automatically, and membership status for current members will be active upon receiving their new card without needing to renew.

With the official recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, The Queen Mary Heritage Foundation is now eligible to receive tax-deductible donations. This new status provides an invaluable opportunity for supporters to contribute to the organization's mission. As the transition to the new foundation finalizes, the newly established non-profit will work with existing members to also receive this benefit.

With the foundation receiving 501(c)(3) status, the new QMHF organization aims to broaden its outreach, expand existing programs, and explore innovative projects that align with its core mission to continue to restore, preserve and present the Queen Mary, its archival collection and educational areas that focus on the sciences.


For additional information on the Queen Mary Heritage Foundation, contact QMHF@queenmary.com.

Shaqtoberfest Halloween Festival

Thursday - Sunday Evenings Starting September 28th to October 31st

Returning for a second year to the Queen Mary, Shaqtoberfest is an immersive Halloween festival featuring haunted trails, live entertainment, themed bars and lounges, carnival rides, and more!

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Queen Mary Shaqtoberfest VIP Package

Discover the perfect blend of history, luxury, and excitement with our exclusive Queen Mary Shaqtoberfest VIP Package. Dive into a world of unparalleled adventure with an overnight stay aboard the historic Queen Mary and VIP Slam Dunk tickets for two adults to the electrifying Shaqtoberfest event.

Harbor Haven Shaqtoberfest Room Offer

Enhance your Shaqtoberfest adventure with our 'Room-Only Harbor Haven' offer, exclusively for guests who already have event tickets. After a day of festival thrills next to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, relax in style with an overnight stay. Your room-only retreat is the perfect complement to your Shaqtoberfest experience. Book now for an unforgettable night by the water's edge!